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The following should be used as guidance only and the responsibility is yours to fish
within constraints of current Scottish law and any relevent bye-laws.
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The Law and Fishing in Scotland

Scottish fishing law means that there is no national rod licence in Scotland.

Anglers must  have written permission to fish- usually given by the land-owner or a club. Under the Freshwater and Salmon Fisheries Protection (Scotland) Act 1976 it is an offence to fish without legal right or permission in any area covered by a Protection Order - which effectively means almost all worthwhile waters.

Water Bailiffs are appointed by the river basin Fisheries Boards and Wardens are appointed by the Secretary of State for Scotland. They have very similar powers to those of a Police Officer. They may demand to see  written permission and be given proof of identity and can require production of written permission within 14 days (1976 Act). They can confiscate tackle (1976 Act) and have the right of search. As a last resort a Bailiff even has powers of arrest .

Bailiffs are employed to protect the fishing. That means the waters that you   fish. They therefor protect your interests!!!

Don't even bother trying these excuses... they only wind them up! Trout fishing on the Tay is ridiculously cheap compared with down south. Poaching is therefore just not worth the risk

Rules for Stirling Council Fisheries

Salmon and Sea Trout 1st Feb to 31st Oct

Brown Trout 15th Mar to 6th Oct


These LOCAL RULES apply to all Council fishery areas


  1. Set line fishing or any form of rod rest with the line in the water without written  consent.
  2. Bait fishing before 1st’ June and after 26th August on Forth and Teith.
    The use of prawn/shrimp baits at anytime. Bait digging on the fishery. The use of "swim feeders on river Teith.
  3. The use of any natural minnow or gaffs at any time.
  4. All fish hooked behind the gill line to be returned to the water immediately.
  5. Fishing at one point when others are waiting to fish except on the 6 piers at Cornton Vale where there is a time limit of no longer than 15 minutes. Move 1 metre downstream between each cast. On marker post sections anglers must start at the upstream post.
  6. Lead core or fast sinking line, multi-treble hooked lures or more than one baited hook.
  7. No NIGHT FISHING between sunset & sunrise in Normans Pool, Callander from 1st May and after 31st August elsewhere. Fishing after sunset before 31st August restricted to rods smaller than 12’o’ overall; line of less than 8lbs breaking strain and hooks smaller than no.6.


8A. (Season permits only). Attach immediately an issued tag through the mouth and gills of all salmon to be taken off the fishery.(The removal of untagged salmon from the fishery will result In a permit withdrawal). Pass unreturnable fish to bailiffs for suitable disposal for the benefit of the local community.

8B. (Day permits only). Each permit holder may take only two salmon per permit.

9. Produce a valid permit to an authorised bailiff on demand.

10. Record all catches on the catch return section of your permit Immediately after tagging and report catches to bailiffs or a permit agency or the Council (01788 442936). Failure to do so will result in a permit withdrawal for this season and next. Season permit holders must make their catch returns by the due date including tagged fish, all returned fish and their details and nil returns. Offenders will be unable to buy a permit the following year or will have it withdrawn If purchased.

11. Fish according to law. A conviction under the Salmon Acts will mean an automatic withdrawal of any current permits with a minimum ban of 5 seasons.

12. During low water conditions on the Forth, according to the marker on the motorway bridge some marked sections of the river may be closed temporarily. Details will be given in advance on the information boards and in tackle shops.

Please be aware that river banks are hazardous. Stay clear of undercut banks.

  • Please consider others and observe THE ANGLER’S CODE OF CONDUCT
  • Always fish upstream of other fishing anglers Always wait your turn to fish a pool from its head. Always remove your old line, cans, bottles and litter.
  • Always keep about 15 metres from the next angler and 30 metres when they or you are using a fly.
  • Always respect the property, access and privacy of people who live on or by the fishery Please conserve spring salmon stocks ( Fob, Mar & Apr) by returning, unharmed, fish mar’ than 30 in length and use barbless hooks.

If necessary bailiffs will withdraw permits when rules are not observed.

T.J.Dixon. 1st February 2002. Countryside Manager. Room 124, Viewforth, Stirling. FK8 2ET.

Other Rules

Fishing for salmon is in Scotland not allowed on a Sunday. Other species are not protected by this peculiar rule.

Salmon parr should be carefully returned to the water using wet hands. Under no circumstances should you ever interfere with salmon spawn or spawning grounds.

Rods must always be attended, otherwise they could be regarded as 'fixed lines' which are illegal!

Deliberate foul hooking of fish (sniggering) is illegal even if the usual large trebles are not used. 'Sniggering' is not the use of a particular type of hook, but the way the hook is used. (Vicious jerking of the rod or line when over fish.

On most waters, there are local rules laid down as to what baits may be used and what numbers and size of fish may be kept.

Having said all that - enjoy your fishing!





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