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Places to visit in The Trossachs

Scottish Towns and Villages in the Trossachs all have their own unique character and history and many places in the Trossachs can provide the visitor with interest and even 'entertainment' for most of the family. Many visitors come here every year to experience the magnificent scenery of hills, lochs and glens and to indulge in a great selection of outdoor pursuits.

Most villages in the Trossachs and around Loch Lomond are to be found in the most peaceful surroundings and are perfect for relaxation and exploring the outdoors.

Located in the heart of Scotland and right on the edge of the Highlands, The Trossachs is a great place to be based if you want to get around and explore. If you came here by car there is an excellent network of roads easily accessed which enable you to reach most parts of Scotland and return the same day.

The map on the right shows the location of some of the most interesting villages in the Trossachs area of the national park. You can click on the blue place names to find more information about these lovely villages in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park.

Trossachs Villages and find places to visit

Around The Trossachs you will find a host of villages, some fairly ordinary, some interesting or historical and some in the most scenic surroundings. I've tried to give sufficient information to help you decide which places in the Trossachs will give you best value. Follow the links below!


Scottish Towns, Cities of Scotland and further afield

In this section you will find useful information about Scotland's cities, towns and more villages that are worth seeing.  Directions, distances,  what to see and what to do. Some of the places listed are a fair distance, so make sure you choose places which will interest you.


Edinburgh Days Out
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Fort William
Isle of Skye



I've included a section describing some of the best viewpoints in the area, some of which are a bit off the beaten track but well worth a visit.

Days out in the car

If you want to read about some places to visit and suggested days out in the car, click on this scenic drives link. You will find some lovely drives described together with a commentary on local items of interest.

Queen Elizabeth Forest Park in The Trossachs Scotland . Explore some Trossachs Villages

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The Trossachs - the place to visit! Callander - the place to be in The Trossachs.
Callander in the Trossachs - the place to be in the Loch Lomond National Park

Things to Do in The Trossachs
Visit Callander and The Trossachs
Climb Ben Ledi, Ben A'an and Callander Crags
then walk to Bracklinn Falls and the New Bridge