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Corrected lyrics here courtesy of the author: Harry Hagan.

I'm a cat,  I'm a cat,  I'm a Glesga cat and my name is Sam the Skull
I've got claws in ma paws like a crocodiles jaws and a heid like a fermers bull.
I'm no the kind o' cat that sits oan the mat nor the kind that you gie a hug
I'm the kind o' cat that strangles the rats and even the occasional dug.

I roam aroon doon in shettlestoon where they a' know me by sight
"Here's the Skull here's the Skull" you can hear them yell as they vanish into the night.
The polis station doon oor way has baurs oan the windae sull
It's no tae keep the prisoners in its tae keep oot Sam the Skull.

Well one fine day no so long ago when they a' had had their full
They sent for the R.S.P.C.A. tae come and catch the Skull
Theres naebody kin get oot while he's roamin aboot chasin' a' the weans up the close,   
peein' oan the stairs scratchin' his erse and sittin there pickin' his nose.

Well oot came aboot hauf past ten in their wee blue Escort van
Right roon the back,   wan wae a sack and wan wae a mallet in his hand.
I watched them run roon the back o' the hoose and I casually strolled to the van
Jumped in the front,  I was off,   everything had gone to plan.

Now you'll hear them them say doon Shettlestoon way,  "Whatever happened tae Sam the Skull ?"
He had claws in his paws like a crocodiles jaws and a heid like a fermers bull
Well you can tell them from me that I'm still runnin' free And never a day is dull
It might sound absurd but I'm livin wae a burd in a single end in Maryhill.



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