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Guided tours of Scotland from Callander in the Trossachs

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A Trossachs Wedding? .. Don't miss Loch Katrine and Steamship Sir Walter Scott - the old lady of the Loch!

The Trossachs and Loch Katrine


The Trossachs and Loch Drunkie
A view of The Trossachs from the cycle route

where are the Trossachs - this map shows the location
Captivating & convenient - The Trossachs

Brenachoil View Cottage at Loch Katrine in the Trossachs
Recently built, our attached Self-catering cottage at Loch Katrine for up to 6 persons offers superb accommodation and comfort. On the Loch Katrine road about 2.5 miles from the Trossachs Pier. 
Email lochview@hotmail.co.uk
Tel 01877 376373

Trossachs Accommodation near Loch Katrine
Trossachs serviced accommodation in the trossachstrossachs cottages and cabins
B&B - or - Selfcatering Accommodation

the Trossachs pier and the steamer in schottland
The Pier complex - Click the pic

the Trossachs Looking north to Lock Katrine from the Duke's Pass
Ben Benue - Click the Pic

Trossachs Loch Katrine from Ben A'an
Loch Katrine from Ben A'an
Loch Achray and Ben Venue in The Trossachs
Loch Achray and Ben Venue

SS Sir Walter Scott on Loch Katrine at Trossachs Pier
SS Sir Walter Scott at Trossachs Pier
trossachs.co.uk the trossachs church image
The Trossachs Church


The Trossachs, with its mountains, stunning scenery and lochs in Scotland have been famed and visited for the beauty, the walks, fishing and cruising ever since Sir Walter Scott wrote 'Rob Roy' and 'The Lady of the Lake'. In the early 19th century Sir Walter visited the Trossachs and stayed in accommodation near Loch Katrine. Knowing the local history and legends, he was inspired to write 'The Lady of the Lake' which was completed and published in May 1810. The book was widely read, and as transport improved and the railway arrived the area became better known and this mountainous area with its beautiful glens and valleys became a popular tourist destination.

A series of steamships started sailing Loch Katrine, and the 1900 Steamship Sir Walter Scott still provides delightful scenic cruises on Loch Katrine. Trossachs Hotels and rental accommodations increased in number and quality to cater for the visitors now arriving, drawn here by Sir Walter Scott's writings, the scenery, the activities and by the new visitor attractions inspired by the increase in tourism.

Where are The Trossachs?

The Trossachs straddle the boundary between the Highlands and the Lowlands to the north of Glasgow, east of Loch Lomond and west of Callander. The Trossachs Pass begins at the west end of Loch Achray on the A821 and leads through a narrow opening to the pier at Loch Katrine where the steamship cruises depart. The map to the right shows the location of the larger area of the Trossachs in the Loch Lomond National Park.

More things to see and do Things to see and do in The Trossachs

Trossachs Pier complex and its facilities

This is probably the most popular area in the National Park for those seeking scenery, walking, cycling and fishing. The essential, unforgetable visit must be to the Trossachs Pier complex at Loch Katrine where you can take a cruise on the steamer or on a smaller waterbus. You can hire a bike or even an electric buggy to explore the private road up the lochside. A restaurant beside the pier may tempt you for a snack or a meal to boost your energy before exploring the woods, the tracks or even climbing Ben A'an or Ben Venue. If you are a fishing enthusiast you can take the steamer to Stronachlacher at the west end of Loch Katrine where boats can be hired and fishing permits obtained at the pier tearoom.

This map of The Trossachs shows the most scenic locations. The area is a natural playground which caters for all tastes, ages and abilities. The National Park authorities and Forestry Commission are re-planting the area with native trees and removing the other species. This will restore the Trossachs forest to its historic condition.

Walking and cycling in The Trossachs (Trossachs Cycle Routes)

There are walks, cycleways and mountains to climb - see a wealth of wildlife; red deer, roe deer, eagles, red kites and other birds of prey, red squirrels foxes and even the occasional wildcat.

Probably the most popular walk/bike ride is the private road on the lochside from the Trossachs pier to Stronachlachar at the west end of the loch. Another popular ride follows the south shores of Achray and Venachar from The Trossachs Pass to Callander. A small carpark near at the pass, next to the private dam road, provides access to a pleasant walk up to the dam and on to a network of footpaths in the forests. The footpaths are also suitable for cycling (MTB only).

Other Trossachs walks and bike routes abound and are described on the walking and cycling pages. Local hillwalks are Ben A'an and Ben Venue.

The Pier complex at Loch Katrine (steamer)

Loch Katrine pier complex offers options for a trip on the water: the SS Sir Walter Scott - the old steamer, 'Ellen's Isle', a small cruise launch which reaches the secret corners, and a recent addition to the fleet, 'Lady of the Lake', which originally cruised as a 'water-bus' on the river Clyde. The Trossachs Pier complex also boasts cycle hire, a restaurant and a gift shop. A private road provides cycle and pedestrian acces up the north shore of the loch and passes a number of excellent viewpoints by and high above the water.

Trossachs of Old ..... Old Images

"Trossachs" was originally the name of a small woodland glen between lochs Achray and Katrine but the name is now used generally to refer to the wider area of wooded glens and hills with quiet lochs, lying to the east of Ben Lomond and across to Callander. The National Park Authority has given the name  'Trossachs' to the scenic triangle bounded by the head of Loch Katrine, Aberfoyle and Callander and north to Strathyre and Balquhidder.

The Trossachs was the haunt of the highland caterans who hid in its secret glens, and after whom Loch Katrine is reputed to be named - though some say it was named after a lady of that name! Rob Roy MacGregor brought his 'lifted' cattle through the 'Bealach nam Bo' (or ‘pass of the cattle’) on the south side of Loch Katrine and the Trossachs Pass through which the modern access road now leads.

On the slopes above the south shore is a cave named 'Coire na Uriusgean' ('Goblin's cave') and apart from ghosts and goblins, is also reputed to be one of the hiding places of the old highland rustlers.

How to get to The Trossachs (Trossachs Map)

The ease of access which made The Trossachs and Loch Katrine district attractive to the raiders of old now encourages thousands of motorists to converge here every year to enjoy its unparalleled beauty and outdoor activities.

The Trossachs and Loch Katrine via Dukes Pass from Aberfoyle

From Aberfoyle take the Callander road (A821) which leads over the Duke's Pass to Loch Katrine.

About halfway over the pass, on the west side of the road by some huge rocks you'll see access to a parking area. Some wonderful views here and access to a maze of forest roads which allow you to explore the forests and visit Loch Drunkie by car. Loch Drunkie is probably one of the most charming lochs to be found anywhere in The Trossachs

The road then descends into the Trossachs and Loch Katrine. Further spectacular views are obtained over Lochs Achray, Venachar and Drunkie. Also seen are: Bens Venue, A'an, Ledi, the Glen Gyle hills, Glen Finglas, and away in the distance,  Callander.

Loch Katrine and The Trossachs from Callander

From Callander where you will find a great choice of accommodation, take the A84 north for 1 mile to Kilmahog and the Trossachs woollen mills then turn left at the A821 towards Aberfoyle (signpost indicates 'Trossachs').  Carry on for about 4 miles and through the hamlet of Brig o' Turk. Soon after Brig o' Turk, another set of winding bends lead you along the north shore of Loch Achray with its famous reflections.

Pass - or visit the picturesque Trossachs Church on your left.
Follow signs to Loch Katrine at the end of Loch Achray.

Loch Katrine in The Trossachs, Scotland

At the west end of Loch Achray, a narrow road leads away from Loch Achray via the narrow gorge leading to the true heart of the Trossachs and Loch Katrine with it's pier. There is a small fee for the pier car park at Trossachs Pier.

At the pier on Lock Katrine there are toilets, a souvenir  and craft shop, cycle hire and a tea room who's dining room has splendid views over the loch. Loch Katrine is some 8 miles long and nearly a mile wide at it's widest. The level of Loch Katrine was raised three times in Victorian days to provide water for Glasgow via 24 mile long twin aquaducts. A very old photo (about 1860) of the Trossachs pier and boathouse may be seen HERE

The private road up the side of Katrine from the pier car park is ALMOST car free and you may walk or cycle the 11 or 12 mile up the Loch Katrine private road to Stronachlacher.

Cycle hire from Wheels Cycling Centre just outside Callander or Square Wheels in Callander. Bicycles may also be hired at the Trossachs Pier from Katrinewheelz bike hire.

A cruise up Loch Katrine on steamship Sir Walter Scott is an essential part of a day out in the Trossachs. The Steamer leaves from the rustic Pier and sails to Stronachlacher at the other end of Loch Katrine in the mornings. In the afternoons it operates circular Loch Katrine cruises (without stopping at Stronachlacher).

At the southern end of the Trossachs Pass is a car park with views along Loch Achray. A footpath leads to the dam road then over a rustic bridge to forest paths and optionally to the top of Ben Venue.

Brig o' Turk - a Trossachs Village

Leave Loch Katrine, return to Loch Achray via the pier road and turn left.

The road leads past the Ben A'an car park on the right, opposite the signposted track up the hill. This is a stiff 1500 ft climb but worth it for the views west over Loch Katrine and the Trossachs lochs of Achray and Venachar to the east, (see walks page). Pass Tigh Mhor (Holiday Property Bond) on the left then the little Trossachs Church (Kirk) on the right.

Continue via this twisting lochside road to the ancient village of Brig o' Turk. The name of the village is derived from the bridge and the mountain behind the village 'Creag an Tuirc'  ('an tuiric' = the boar).

The GlenFinglas road at Brig o' Turk leads past a beautiful little graveyard and the village school to GlenFinglas - King James iv of Scotland's royal deer forest. The forest is long gone but is to be re-planted in native trees to re-create something resembling the original Trossachs forest. There are some excellent walks, especially in the GlenFinglas area which is being re-planted with native woodland. A testing mountain bike route named 'the Mell' provides some excitement for bike enthusiasts.

Loch Venachar and Kilmahog

Further along the A821 you can soak up the views to the south over Venachar to Ben Gullipen. At the west end of the loch you may see InverTrossachs house, once a favourite residence of Queen Victoria on her many visitshere.
Near the east end is 'Coille an Togle' farm, another place mentioned in Scott's yarns. A road on the right leads over an old stone bridge (c1777) then a right turn leads to a car park - worth a visit  for the view of loch Venachar and  of Ben Ledi to the north.

Opposite the Invertrossachs road is a hill named Dunmore crowned by a well preserved iron age hill fort facing a large glacial erratic  known as 'Samsons Putting Stone'. The stone was carried by the glaciers from Glen Dochart and dumped her when the ice melted!

A series of bends now take you down a long slope to cross the river Leny into Kilmahog. Reputedly named from 'the cell of St Chug' there is evidence of a pre-reformation church in the old burial ground by the road before you reach the main A84 trunk road. There are many Stewart burials here belonging to families who lived in Glen Finlas prior to its flooding when the dam was built.The Lade Inn is a favourite watering hole offering food, drink and weekend live folk music evenings. A right turn at the main road takes you toward Callander past the Trossachs Woollen Mill and the Kilmahog Woolen mill. You may also catch a glimpse of Hamish, the highland bull in his field just beyond the millson the left. Callander is often regarded as the 'Capital' of The Trossachs

Things to do when you Visit The Trossachs

More things to see and do in the Trossachs

Trossachs Accommodation

Accommodation in the Trossachs comes in a wide variety - Hotels and Bed and Breakfast, , Cottages, Log Cabins, Caravans, camping, you name it and you'll find it in this very popular area. We have listed a good selection of Trossachs Hotels below. Some are small hotels with perhaps 5 or 6 rooms and a mixture of single and double bedded rooms. Others are much larger and with many rooms - some with family rooms - perhaps what you may want for a family re-union or wedding. See also hostelry, inn, motel, public house ortavern

Trossachs Hotels ..........For other accommodation types, follow the links above.

Callander - the biggest concentration of accommodation in the entire Trossachs area.

Lubnaig House, Callander - a Trossachs Hotel 
Accommodation in Perthshire, Scotland. A splendidly situated Victorian house, private garden and carpark. Quiet location on the western edge of the town centre – a short, 5 minute, level walk.  Relax, enjoy Scottish hospitality in this enchanting area. May to September.
E-mail: info@lubnaighouse.co.uk
Tel/FAX: +441 (01) 877 330 376

The Waverley Hotel Callander
Fully ensuite bedrooms
Relaxed, friendly accommodation in the heart of Callanders main street. All bedrooms are ensuite with flat screen tv, sky tv, hairdrier, tv tray. Award winning bar offers fine ales, fine food and seasonal entertainment.
Recommended by Good Beer Guide Good Pub Food Guide Good Bed and Breakfast Guide.
E-mail: martin@thewaverley.co.uk
Tel: +44(01)877 330245

Highland House Hotel, a Hotel in Callander 
Neat Georgian Town House full of charm and character quietly situated in the centre of Callander  just off the main street. Close to Riverside walks, shops & Rob Roy & Trossachs visitor centre. Non-Smoking
E-mail: dennisjones192@hotmail.com
Highland House Hotel, South Church St, Callander.
+441 (01) 877 330 269.

Poppies Hotel & Restaurant,
Callander Weddings.
One of the most charming family owned and managed hotels in the Trossachs with nine individually styled bedrooms, Cameron’s Bar built in local Oak and a superb acclaimed Restaurant. In the ownership of the Martin family since 2004, they have and are continually investing in the Hotel to ensure it meets the highest of standards and service.
Tel/FAX: +441 (01) 877 330 329.

Roman Camp Country House Hotel Callander wedding reception capable for your wedding in the highlandswedding reception capable for your wedding in the highlandswedding reception capable for your wedding in the highlandswedding reception capable for your wedding in the highlands
Accommodation in Callander Perthshire . We aim to offer the highest standards of service and comfort  in a historic, unique & special country house. Relaxing & comfortable atmosphere, with wonderful views over gardens and the River Teith.
E-mail: mail@romancamphotel.co.uk
Tel: 01877 330003.  Fax 01877 331533


The Crags Hotel Callander 
by arrangement
Crags Hotel is a small & comfortable family run hotel  in the Callander Town Centre, gateway to The Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park. Convenient for shops and local activities. 5 mins from walks to Crags, Bracklinn falls & the meadows riverside walks. 
e-mail: alexscriv@mac.com
Tel: 01877 330257 Fax: 01877 339997

Dalgair House Hotel & Restaurant Callander Open all Year.
Dalgair House Hotel is situated on the main street in the centre of Callander. All rooms are en-suite with bath and shower and all the usual amenities. The hotel has a lively bar with entertainment at the weekends. The ideal getaway for short breaks, hill walking, cycling and all the other activities in the surrounding area. Bus parties, functions and small weddings all catered.
E-mail: recreid@aol.com
Tel: (01877) 330283 or (01877) 339205

Aberfoyle Hotels

The Black Bull Hotel - +44(0) 1877 382225 - Dates from the early 1700s - A Historic & Traditional Village Hotel
The Forth Inn - +44(0) 1877 382372
Lake Of Menteith Hotel & Waterfront Rest - +44 (0)1877 385258 - Open All Year Round
Rob Roy Hotel, Aberfoyle, Stirlingshire, FK8 3UX. Tel: +44 (0)1877 382245
The Coach House, Main St, Aberfoyle, FK8 3UG. Tel: +44(0) 1877 382822

Balloch Hotels (Loch Lomond)

Balloch House Hotel, Balloch Road, Balloch, G83 8LQ. Tel: +44 (0)1389 752579..
Innkeepers Lodge Loch Lomond, Balloch House, Balloch Road, Balloch, G83 8LQ. Tel: +44 (0) 845 1126006..
Milton Inn, Barnhill House, Milton Brae, Dumbarton, near Ballo, G82 2SH. Tel: +44 (0) 1389 761401.
Waterhouse Inn, The Square, Balloch Road, Balloch, G83 8LE. Tel: +44( 0)1389 752120..
The Tullie Inn , Loch Lomond- +44 (0)1389 752052
Lomond Park Hotel - +44 (0)1389 752494


Balquhidder Hotels

Monachyle Mhor Hotel - +44 (0)1877 384622 - Open All Year Round

Brig o Turk Hotels

Loch Achray Hotel, Brig O Turk, Nr Callander, FK17. Tel: +44(0) 1877 376229

Inversnaid Hotels

Inversnaid Hotel, part of Lochs and Glens Holiday group, Inversnaid, FK8 3TU. Tel: +44 (0)1877 386223

Killin Hotels

Bridge Of Lochay Hotel, Aberfeldy Road, Killin, FK21 8TS. Tel: +44 (0)1567 820272.
Coach House Hotel, Lochay Road, Killin, FK21 8TN. Tel: +44 (0)1567 820349 .
Craigard Hotel, Main Street, FK21 8UT. Tel: +44 (0)1567829424.
Falls Of Dochart Inn, Gray Street, Killin, FK21 8SL. Tel: +44 (0)1567 820270..
Killin Hotel, Main Street, Killin,Perthshire, FK21 8TP. Tel: +44 (0)1567 820296.

Lochearnhead Hotels

Achray House Hotel - +44 (0) 560 368 4252 - Overlooking Loch Earn
The Four Seasons Hotel - +44 (0)1764 685333 - Overlooking Loch Earn
Lochearnhead Hotel - +44(0) 1567 830229
Drummond Hotel, St. Fillans, Loch Earn.. Tel: +44 (0)1764 685212.
The Clachan Cottage Hotel, Lochearnhead, Tel: +44(0) 1567 830247.

Port of Menteith Hotels

Lake Of Menteith Hotel - +44(0) 1877 385258 - Open All Year Round
The Cross Keys , Main Street, Kippen, near Port of Menteith, Tel: +44 (0)1786 870293.
The Inn At Kippen, Fore Road, Kippen, near Port of Menteith, Tel: +44 (0) 1786 870500




The Trossachs, Schottland, Scotland - the place to be! Callander - the place to stay.

Callander - the place to be in the Loch Lomond National Park

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