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The best scenery in the Loch Lomond
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The Trossachs Best Scenery (see the Gallery for larger images)

I could spend a long time telling you about all the places to go for the best scenery in the Trossachs and Loch Lomond area. There is so much - in fact where-ever you go around here you'll be among the finest scenery in Scotland.

Read on and you'll find the places that I personally like best. Better still, come here for a break and find the places you like best. You'll have a hard time deciding, but it's great fun trying to decide!

Consider cycling to some of the places nearby - there are safe cycling routes by Loch Venachar, Loch Ard, the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park and up to Strathyre and Lochearnhead on Sustrans route 7.

Cycle hire
Wheels Cycling Centre just outside town or Square Wheels in Callander

Click here for an active map. Suggestion! Print a copy and keep it for reference!

Bracklinn Falls, Callander

At the east end (Stirling end) of Callander, the road to Bracklinn falls (Bracklinn Road) is just beyond the east end post office.

View looking upstream to Bracklinn FAllsFollow Bracklinn Road up the hill, over the old railway bridge at the awkward bend and continue past 'Arden House' - famous as the setting for BBC TV's early 'Doctor Finlay' series. At the entrance to the Golf Club, turn left then right and follow up the hill about half a mile to the Bracklinn falls car park on the right.

The falls are reached by a 10 minute walk along the footpath which before reaching the falls opens out to provide wonderful views over the valley towards Stirling where the castle and Wallace Monument can be seen on clear days. The falls are at the bottom of a series of steps on the path.

Car Parking. No Toilets or other amenities



Loch Venachar

venachar sunsetJust 5 minutes drive or 30 minutes walk from Callander town centre.

Take the Glasgow Rd at the newsagent then right at the mini-roundabout. Follow for about 1 m. Don't turn right over the little bridge, instead, follow the 'no through road' for another half mile or so and park at the little carpark on the right at the lochside.

The walk up the lochside road is open to the public on foot and by bicycle.

The photograph shows shows one of the fabulous sunsets often seen on Loch Venachar from the south shore.

No toilets or other amenities.



The Duke's Pass

On the A821  - The Duke's Pass - between Aberfoyle and Callander.
This spectacular winding road was built by a Duke of Montrose and replaced a track which was passable only on foot or horseback. The road reaches a height of over 800 feet and near the highest point is a car park and viewpoint, the entrance marked by some huge slate boulders.

The forest tracks can be accessed here by car and for a small fee you can enjoy a drive through some of the finest scenery in the Trossachs with views of lochs and mountains - and the chance to spy deer, buzzards, red kites and the occasional eagle.



wpeC.jpg (37937 bytes)Falls of Leny

From Callander, drive north through Kilmahog towards Strathyre and the Falls and carpark are sign posted about a mile after Kilmahog. Take care crossing as the carpark is on a bad corner. Parts of the footpath by the river are in need of repair so watch your feet!
At one time this pass was one of the main routes into the Highlands (and still is). If you imagine yourself as a Roman Legionaire in a foreign and hostile land you can well understand why the Romans stopped at Kilmahog and ventured no further!
No loos




Loch Katrine:

wpeA.jpg (232030 bytes)

Halfway between  Callander and Aberfoyle. Watch for the sign to Loch Katrine at the west end of Loch Achrayat the sharp corner. The car and coach park is about ¾mile along the access road. The photo was taken from the summit of Ben A'an.
Beautiful Scenery, walks, Steamer, bicycle hire.

Carpark, souvenirs, tea room, toilets.




Loch Ard

Loch ard to Ben LomondWest of Aberfoyle on the B829 you will find Loch Ard with a great variety of views and splendid reflections of the panorama over to Ben Lomond with its easily recognised 'dimpled' peak. There are places to park safely while you get those photos but do be very careful where you park as the often narrow road is plagued by blind bends and humps.

The photograph shows Ben Lomond in the distance but there is no easy access to the ben from this road.
No Loos for 14 miles
Lots of odd places to park briefly for photos


Stronachlachar: See the main Stronachlachar page

rcott2s.jpg (11437 bytes)One mile west of Callander at Kilmahog, take the left turn at the  Trossachs road and follow this road about 11 m. to Aberfoyle. At Aberfoyle, turn right and after about 12 m. and lots of scenery you come to a T junction. Turn right and 1/2 mile later stop at Stronachlachar pier.
Wonderful views down the loch.
Steamer calls but see timetable.
5 mile return walk to Glengyle house, birthplace of Rob Roy MacGregor. Carpark, Toilet. Seasonal cafe.

The photo is from Royal Cottage which can be visited (free) from Stronachlachar at the northwest end of Loch Katrine  



wpe21.jpg (21953 bytes)One mile west of Callander at Kilmahog, turn left when you see the  Ttossachs road on your left and follow this road (The Duke's Pass) for about 11m. to Aberfoyle. As you follow this road watch for great views on the left over Loch Achray and behind to Ben A'an and the trossachs.
At the foot of the hill down to Aberfoyle, turn right and soak up some wonderful mountain and loch views for about 12 miles until you come to a T junction.

Turn left then 3 miles to reach Inversnaid.
Absolutely stunning views over Loch Lomond from an elevated viewpoint.
Footferry to Tarbet. West Highland Way Long distance footpath.

On the way back up the hill, watch on the right for a sign to 'Rob Roy's View' which offers excellent views over the loch.

Carpark, Toilets. Public House.



glenogleDrive north north from Callander on the A84 for about 12 miles via Strathyre and Lochearnhead. Continue up the hill past the end of Lochearn and in about 1 mile, the view opens out to reveal GlenOgle.

Look at the side of the waterfalls on the left to see the old military road (now a rough footpath), and above it the Victorian railway viaduct - now a cycleway and footpath.

 Parking at Lochearnhead and in limited layby space in the Glen.
Toilets and pubs at Lochearnhead.




wpe1A.jpg (18276 bytes)GlenOgle head and Ben Lawers:

North of Callander on the A84, for about 15 miles via Strathyre and Lochearnhead. Proceed up GlenOgle and after the road levels out and starts to drop, watch out for a picnic area on the right. Park there and walk along the track to see the best view of Ben Lawers - nearly 4000ft of it.
Note the memorial to the RAF pilots on your right.
Access here for an easy walk down the glen on the old rail track.

Limited car park area. Seasonal snackbar . No Toilets.



wpe17.jpg (21128 bytes)Drive on to the foot of the hill on the main road then turn right for Killin and the Falls of Dochart.
Killin is one of these places where you may find wonderful scenery in every direction and in all kinds of weather - in fact some places are more magnificent in wet or stormy weather.

Make a point of visiting the ancient MacNab burial ground at the Dochart falls on Inchbuie - 'yellow island'.

Try the little B road on the south side of Loch Tay for some wondeful views over the loch and to Glen Lochay - especially late summer evenings at sunset.


wpe1B.jpg (51362 bytes)North from Callander on the A84 for about 10 miles via Strathyre and turn off to Balquhidder at Kings House.
Awhole variety of scenery, from the wide open view down the glen seen from the Kings House hotel, to the serenity and reflections of Loch Voil and the rugged splendout of the west end of the Glen at Glencarnaig and Inverlochlarig, the home of Rob Roy Macgregor.

Drive carefully to Balquhidder on this narrow twisting road. Walk the short way up the Creag an Tuirc to the MacLaren stone and a fantastic view along the glen
At Balquhidder, visit Rob Roy's grave then continue 4m. tothe West end of Loch Voil.
Landowners have blocked off some of the best picnic spots by placing huge boulders by the roadside in order to block the access.
Continue a little way further for some more fantastic views and reflections. Don't forget the camera.

Car Park at church and at village hall.
No shops, no toilets. Limited parking space elsewhere but lots of places to squeeze in for a little while.

Loch Earn:

lochearn from the cycleway

North from Callander on the A84  for about 15 miles via Strathyre and Lochearnhead.Turn right and enjoy great scenery all ther way to St Fillans (about 4 m.).

Views up the Loch at St Fillans are fantastic.

Return by crossing the river on the right at the far end of St Fillans and return by south side of Loch Earn, look for the old gravestones by the road near Ardvorlich house



This photograph is the work of David Robertson, Scottish Landscape Photography. Click the photo to visit his gallery of amazing Scottish Photographs.

"Let us go, lassie, go
To the braes o' Balquhither,
Where the blaeberries grow,
'Mang the bonnie Highland heather..."

Robert Tannahill Poet and songwriter.

Loch Earn Sunrise

gal_lochearnhead.jpg (10871 bytes)

A photograph by David Robertson

Lochside parking, Watersports centre, Collectibles shop,  Pubs, toilets.

Loch Lubnaig:

wpe1D.jpg (28036 bytes)Drive up the A84 for about three miles from Callander past Kilmahog. A Loch comes into view on the left.
Keep going until you see a picnic area with a signpost on the left. Pull in here and look at the view over the loch whilst the kids play by the water at the little beach.

On your way back, lookout for the Leny Falls carpark on your left, the Falls of Leny are well worth while if the river is running high.

Carparks. Occasional snackbar. No toilets!



Loch Lomond / Balloch:

wpeFD.jpg (5164 bytes)Balloch, at the southern end of Loch Lomond has been touted as the gateway to the National Park - some may dispute this!

The thing to see at Balloch is the Gateway centre, not for the centre itself, but for the excellent view up the loch and for the view of the 'Maid of the Loch' as she awaits re-furbishment as a floating restaurant.

Cream teas at Jenners store are a treat with views up the loch from the restaurant.

Carparks, pubs, snacks. Toilets - but you have to look for them!

Loch Lomond /Luss

luss-pier.JPG (52021 bytes)Used as the set for 'Tak the High Road' series, Luss has its own unique charm but the best thing about Luss for the photographer is the view across the loch to Ben Lomond - if it's not covered in cloud.

Best views are from the pier or beach. Don't take your car into the village - there's no space to park. Use the carpark accessed from the road before you turn down the village street.

Also worth while to take the path to the right by the pier which leads to Luss's interesting old parish church.

Carparks, pubs, snacks. Toilets



inveruglass view to Ben Lomond LomondLoch Lomond / Inveruglass

About 11 miles north of Luss is the car park and information centre at Inveruglas. Great views across the loch to Ben Lomond and Inversnaid on the eastern shore.
The only thing which mars the scenery here is the huge pipe bringing the water down to the power station from Loch Sloy high in the hills behind the power station.
There's a ruined castle among the trees on the little island but without a boat it's inaccessible.
You can also catch an occasional ferry here across to Inversnaid with its hotel on the West Highland Way. Beware - there is no public transport from Inversnaid - you have been warned!.

Carpark, Toilets, Tourist information.


Loch Lomond / Rowardennan

Rowardennan is a natural tourist trap but is accessed by a narrow road from Drymen and is a little short of parking space especially in peak season. For all that, it's well worth a visit for the loch views and for the scatter of tiny islands just off shore.
Best carpark for views at the lochside just south of the pier. There is a lovely tree fringed beach with fine sand close to the pier in the photo (left).
Rowardennan is also the most popular starting point for those wishing to conquer Ben Lomond.
Loch Lomond Ferry Service - 01360 870273.
Rowardennan to Inverbeg 10.00 am, 2.00 pm, & 5.30 pm.
Inverbeg to Rowardennan 10.30 am, 2.30 pm, & 6.00 pm all daily April to September.





The Trossachs - the place to be! Callander - the place to be in The Trossachs.
Callander in the Trossachs - the place to be in the Loch Lomond National Park

Visit Callander and The Trossachs
Climb Ben Ledi, Ben A'an and Callander Crags
then walk to Bracklinn Falls and the New Bridge