wlkndx.gif (346 bytes)Highland Boundary Fault Trail at David Marshall Lodge

Approximate time
4 mile
about 900 ft max
A821 near Aberfoyle
David Marshall Lodge
fee £1


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The Waterfall at David Marshall Lodge Aberfoyle

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The car park access is at the David Marshall lodge which is on the Duke's Pass road from Loch Achray to Aberfoyle about one mile from Aberfoyle.


This is a fairly easy walk on forestry roads/tracks which offers some of the best views close to Aberfoyle and for those interested in geology, takes the walker over the boundary fault where information boards indicate the geological significance. The walk is over made tracks and forest trails with a very steep section which may discourage anyone not quite up to the walk.

A short detour from the highest point takes you to a 900 ft summit with magnificent views over the Trossachs and Strathard.

Start from the car park at the David Marshall Lodge (map available at the centre, price 2).

The trails are all marked from the car park with colour coded posts, blue for the boundary fault walk, green for the oak coppice walk and yellow for the waterfalls walk.

It makes for an interesting start to this walk by doing part of the warerfall walk first, on the clockwise circuit - indicated by the yellow dotted route on the map.
After visiting the main waterfall, continue down the burn to the footbridge and cross the burn.

Take the right hand (wide) trail after the bridge and follow for about half a mile then watch for a blue marker post on the left indicating the start of a long drag up to the old limestone quarry.

This long drag is interesting in that it follows the route of an old gravity railway which was used to bring limestone down from the quarry. There were three rails, the centre one being shared. There were 2 wagons,  linked by a rope with a pulley at the top. The laden wagon decending pulled the empty wagon to the top ready for loading. At the point where the wagons passed the three rails became four for the purpose of passing.

At the top of the long uphill section the old limestone quarry can be seen to the right of the track.

At this point, if you have any steam left you can turn right to follow a steep path up to the highest point (signed to 'viewpoint') where some marvelous views can be had over the Trossach and Strathard. Bens Venue, Lomond and A'an can easily be recognised to the northern side.

Dumgoyne's distinctive shape may be seen to the southwest and on a clear day the multi storey flats at Glasgow can be seen beyond Dumgoyne.


At the quarry, the main track veers sharply left to drop down through the woods where markers indicate both sides of the highland boundary fault.

Soon after the fault, the track veers right then left at a crossroads - just watch for the blue markers. As you drop lower the sound of waterfalls may be heard on the right and it's warth a short detour over the rough ground for a look.

Soon a junction in the forest road is reached where the post indicates a right turn which soon leads back to the footbridge over the burn.

After crossing the footbridge once more you may follow the remaining part of the waterfalls trail back to the car park.



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